Privacy statement

In a nutshell, we won't sell or rent your information.

In a longer nutshell, one of the main aspects of AppliedTo is the ability to send emails on your behalf through your existing webmail provider (GMail or YMail currently). We use a protocol called OAuth to ask for permission from those providers, and they grant us a time-limited ability to send emails on your behalf. We also have the ability to read all your emails, delete them, and more.

We will not do that, certainly not without your explicit permission, but for the forseeable future, we just won't do that at all. It's too messy and problematic.

What can you do to ensure that we don't have access to your account when you don't want? You can use the 'log out' link, which will clear all our permissions with your provider. When you log in to us again, you'll need to re-grant permissions to the AppliedTo site again.